Week In Review - XC is Here

Cross Country season has arrived! On Saturday, the Collective braved the elements in Greensboro at the Hagan Stone XC Classic (which ended up being moved to a different location due to the storm), which also served as the USATF-NC Club XC Championships. This was a race-within-a-race, as the clubs ran in the University section. It was a wet, windy, and muddy affair on the two-loop 8k course. The ARC had a good battle with Bull City Track Club and earned the USATF-NC win with 26 points. This XC race was an important first step on our way to the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in San Francisco this December. 

Also this weekend - Brent Schouler lined up for the Harwich Cranberry Harvest Half Marathon in his motherland - Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He felt the effects of Hurricane Joaquin with strong winds throughout, but still managed to post a strong result and earn the W. Clearly Brent is in fine form, as evidenced by his recent capture of the all-important “Wedge Run” Strava CR. He is rumored to be making an attempt on the infamous Chumbawaba 8.7-mile CR (set this weekend by Victor McHenry) in Bent Creek in the coming weeks. Contact ARC’s bookie, Javan Lapp, to place your bets.

USATF-NC Club XC Championships - Ivy Redmond Park, Greensboro, NC
ARC - 1st place USATF-NC team, 2nd in University / Open teams
Shiloh Mielke - 4th  
Mark Driscoll - 5th  
Chass Armstrong - 8th
Javan Lapp - 11th
Frankie Adkins - 30th
*Some of the times in the results are a bit off, but the places are spot on. 

Harwich Cranberry Harvest Half Marathon - Harwich, MA
Brent Schouler - 1st - 1:13:24
Results not posted yet