Race Results - Philly Marathon

A bit over a week ago, Chass Armstrong lined up at the Philadelphia Marathon for his third go at the 26.2-mile distance. While previous efforts at Steamtown (2:31) and Kentucky Derby (2:33) didn’t net results that matched his true ability, Philly was a step in the right direction.

In the first half, Chass ran in the 5:20-high to 5:40-low range and hit 13.1 miles right around 1:12:30. He was solo for large portions of the second half and had to hold it together during the course’s windiest sections. After a rough patch from miles 17-20, he rallied for the next few then hung tough to the finish. The end result was Chass’ first sub-2:30 marathon and valuable experience for his next crack at a personal best in the spring.

Philadelphia Marathon - Philadelphia, PA
Chass Armstrong - 13th - 2:29:19
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