Week in Review - Beer Relay Edition

A clash of titans occurred this past weekend at Oskar Blues REEB Ranc. Team Lapp / Mielke battled Team Adkins / McHenry in the Burning Can Festival’s Beer Relay.  After 4 x trail 2 miler and 4 x beer chugs for each team, Team Lapp / Mielke (Representing Urban Orchard Cider Company and Ba) were victorious by mere seconds.  

Early reports suggest Adkins’ notoriously poor chugging skills cost his team dearly. Check out the video below and you be the judge. 

Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival Beer Relay - Brevard, NC
1st - Team Urban Orchard (Javan Lapp / Shiloh Mielke) - 45:47.46
2nd - Team ARC - Devote To The Goat (Frankie Adkins / Victor McHenry) - 45:49.69

Also - The Beer Relay’s has an excellent photo gallery: 

7/18/15 Beer Drinkin' and Trail Runnin' Relay!

Posted by The Beer Relay on Monday, July 20, 2015