Week in Review - PR at the Swoosh

Week in Review 

Why do we do this? Why wake at 5:30 am for morning miles before work? Why skip (ok, delay) happy hour for blistering reps on the track? Why tack on those extra two miles when our legs have already called it quits? Why stick with it after all these years? 

We do it for the day when it “clicks”. For that feeling when your legs surprise you. For those few moments of contentment before the inevitable thought pops in your head - “I think I can go faster!”. 

Scott has put in weeks of hard work on his speed this summer. He’s run track workouts at 5k pace, races at 1500, and tempos on the wood chips… and it’s paying off. This past Saturday, he lined up for the notoriously fast Bowerman 5k with the goal of nabbing his first sub-16. Well, he got it… and then some. 15:36 - way to take advantage of a fast course and a deep field, SW! 

Bowerman 5k - Nike World HQ, Beaverton, OR
Scott Williams - 11th - 15:36

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Photo Credit: Soh Rui Yong