Week in Review: Club Nats

“If you can’t hunt with the big dogs, you get up on the porch with the pups”. 
- Benny Perkins

Frankie Adkins 

A long-term goal of the Asheville Running Collective has been to compete as a team on a national level. We checked off that box this past weekend at the USATF Club Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee, FL. Year in and year out, this 10k race boasts one of the deepest and most competitive fields in the country. There is no better place for a post-collegiate team to test their standing against their peers. With a winning time of 28:55 (on a rolling cross country course!), 68 racers finishing under 31:00, and 112 coming in under 32:00, this year’s race was no different.

For our first time out, we were proud to represent USATF North Carolina Long Distance Running on the national stage and pleased with our 21st-place “men’s open” team finish, as well as Frankie Adkins’ strong result in the masters race. Next year, we will head into the event in Lexington, KY as a fitter and deeper squad aiming for a top-15 finish. We hope to be joined by other teams in our region, like the Charlotte Running Club and the Johnson City Track Club, as we all work to raise the competitive level of club racing in the southeast.

USATF Club Cross Country Championships - Tallahassee, FL
Men’s Open 10k - 21st overall
Will Norris - 111th - 31:57
Griff Graves - 131st - 32:20
Alex Griggs - 135th - 32:25
Mark Driscoll - 142nd - 32:29
Ryan Courtoy - 214th - 34:07
Brent Schouler - 240th - 35:06
Javan Lapp - 316th - 36:31

Men’s Masters 10k
Frankie Adkins - 25th - 34:02