Week in Review - 100 Miles of Fun

The ARC had one guy tackle his first 100 miler and two guys race 13.1 miles.

Out in Oregon, Scott Williams had a great debut at 100 miles by taking 2nd at the Mountain Lakes 100. Tracking his race all day was fun for the guys back in NC. We all learned that 17 hours is a long time... it was challenging for us to stay focused, but we persevered and stuck it out. Scott did pretty well in the race, as well. He shared some thoughts:

“There's not much to say about the race itself, and honestly I don't remember much of those 17 hours. I just kinda locked into a pace early on, chatted with a couple guys for a few miles, and otherwise spent the bulk of the day in one easy gear running alone with my limited thoughts for the rest of the day.”

While Scott did hit a rough patch in the last 11 miles - due to some sciatic pain - his debut at 100 went pretty damn smooth. This was the culmination of a great deal of work. Congrats to SW on his successful move up in distance this year.

The Collective also had some success at shorter distances this weekend, as Alex Griggs and Chass Armstrong raced the half marathon distance. Alex got the W at the Hiddenite Festival Half in NC, while Chass took 6th at Rock 'n' Roll Montreal, Canada. Both guys will line up for the French Broad River Half Marathon in a few weeks. Join the fun here: http://www.fbrhalf.com

Hiddenite Festival Half Marathon - Hiddenite, NC
Alex Griggs - 1st - 1:16:06

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon - Montreal, Canada
Chass Armstrong - 6th - 1:13:35

Mountain Lakes 100 - PCT, Oregon
Scott Williams - 2nd - 17:11:24