Blue Ridge Relay Roster Reveal - Part 2

Whoops - the Relay has come and gone, but we forgot to finish the roster reveal on the site!  

Better late than never... 

Word on the sports memorabilia message boards is that the 2015 Lapp card is coming in highly valued after his heroic 4-run performance last year. Some think it might even reach the fever-pitch value of the hard-to-find Stuart Moran card from the 2008 BRR. Time will tell...






Hometown: Kildeer, IL
College: UNC Asheville
Fueling: Virgil's Root Beer
PR’s: 5000m- 14:47, 8k- 25:03, 10k- 31:24


Hometown: Hendersonville, NC
College: Northern Arizona University
FuelingUrban Orchard Cider Company and Bar Sweet English
PR’s: 5000m- 14:36, 10000m- 29:48, Shut-In- 2:16:55 CR


Hometown: Thomaston, GA
College: Berry College
Fueling: New Belgium Ranger IPA
PR’s: HM- 1:08:12, 10k- 31:27, Marathon- 2:31:17


Hometown: Asheville, NC
College: UNC Charlotte
Fueling: Pisgah Valdez Stout
PR’s: 800m- 1:53, 1500m- 3:58.01, 8k- 26:04