Blue Ridge Relay Roster Reveal - Part 1

This morning, we were cleaning out the attic at the Asheville Running Collective HQ and came across a big box of old stuff - race numbers, cassette tapes, track medals, trading cards, and more. 

It can be fun to take a walk down memory lane once in a while… feel the rush of adrenaline as you hold an old race number, wind up the tape on your well-worn copy of Thriller, and sort through those old trading cards to find some of your favorites. 

Hmmm… wonder if any of these cards are worth anything?


After sifting through the big pile of cards, we finally found some that must be worth some serious cash (no, not the 1992 Roger Clemens card).  These cards make up the first set in the three-set Asheville Running Collective Blue Ridge Relay 2015 series.


Hometown: Bethlehem Township, Warsaw, OH
PR's: Basketball court suicide: 27.4 secs, Longest time without haircut: 20 months, Largest speeding ticket (mph over speed limit): 38 mph
Fueling: orange juice and green beans


Hometown: Charlotte, NC
College: UNC Asheville
Fueling: Wedge Iron Rail IPA
Favorite BRR Leg: Mountain Goat
PR’s: 5k- 15:36, HM- 1:13:08, Marathon- 2:33:03


Hometown: Collettsville, NC
College: Mars Hill College
Fueling: Green Man Porter
PR’s: Mile- 4:16, 5000m- 14:23, 10k XC- 31:11


Hometown: Hyannis, MA
College: UNC Asheville
Fueling: Orange Mocha Frappuccino
PR’s: 8k XC- 26:03, HM- 1:14, 
Marathon- 2:43