Week in Review

Micro-Recap: Strong local showing for Lapp and Schouler, as well as the first Oregon win for expat Williams.

On Saturday, Javan Lapp and Brent Schouler lined up for the Earth Fare 5k in Carrier Park.  This race, a favorite in Asheville, is run over familiar territory as it traverses the same greenway used on the Thursday Night Wedge Run.  The duo ran together through halfway when Lapp began to pull away. Brent hung tough and kept the gap to 5 seconds or so at the finish.  With his victory, Javan earned sweet redemption after a being dealt a crushing defeat at the hands (feet?) of the Collective’s masters racing ace Frankie Adkins last year. Nice running, Javan and Brent. 

Javan Lapp in recovery mode

Brent Schouler kicking in to the finish

Speaking of Adkins... reports coming out of North Asheville suggest that FA has been seen logging miles on a near-daily basis.  Keep it going! 

Out in Oregon, Scott Williams has kept his weekly racing schedule rolling. At his sixth race in seven weeks, he earned his first win since moving to Oregon. In the McDonald Forest 50k, Williams ran with company for the majority of the race before surging away after a solid climb in the final few miles.  Clearly, SW’s fitness is coming along quickly.  He’s healthy and getting stronger with each week. Now, he has a month to nail down which flavor of doritos his stomach can handle mid-race (Cool Ranch, FTW!).  

Scott Williams and Bradley Pigage (6th) post race

Scott Williams and Bradley Pigage (6th) post race

Earth Fare 5k - Asheville, NC
Javan Lapp - 1st - 16:25
Brent Schouler - 2nd - 16:32

McDonald Forest 50k - Corvallis, OR
Scott Williams - 1st - 4:06:02