Week in Review - Hot Hot Hot

There was a good deal of action on the roads and “track” (velodrome, actually) this weekend from the Collective.

On Saturday, we kicked things off with some mixed results at the Asheville Beer Mile, which took place on the Carrier Park velodrome during the Mountain Sports Festival. This “unofficial” event has grown in size and competitiveness in the last few years. In the 2015 running, Javan Lapp was the class of the field and easily won the crown. This time around, several members of the ARC’s injured reserve / retired list performed better very well, while many of the healthy guys faltered - very interesting. Victor McHenry had the lead from the start and fought off a late challenge to take the win in a strong 6:48. Frankie Adkins, donning the Collective kit for the first time in nearly a year, had a brilliant third place finish in 7:16. Stuart Moran rounded out the solid performances with a 8:14. This year’s casualties included Mark Driscoll, who struggled home in 10:20-something after earning a penalty lapp, and Javan Lapp, who DNFed early due to early trouble with foam. All in all a great event.

Frankie Adkins is BACK!

Frankie Adkins is BACK!

On Sunday, Brent Schouler and Chass Armstrong had to handle the heat in longer road races. Fresh off a full day in the car, Brent ran the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon in Hyannis, MA. With the unexpected heat in mind, he kept his effort in control and cruised for a six minute victory in 1:16. While this was a planned moderate effort for Brent, Chass had the bad luck of high temps at his goal marathon. After a solid training block, he had his sights set on a fast time at the Ottawa Marathon. Unfortunately, the temperature hit the high-80s and low-90s all weekend and made for a real sufferfest. In true Chass fashion, he went for it and stuck to 2:24 pace through 10 miles. However, the heat took it’s toll in the later stages of the race and survival mode set in. His 2:39 finish doesn’t reflect his fitness, but he lived to fight another day.

Chass Armstrong rounding the track in one of his recent marathon tune-up workouts.

Asheville Beer Mile - Asheville, NC
Victor McHenry - 1st - 6:48
Frankie Adkins - 3rd - 7:16
Stuart Moran - ? - 8:14
Mark Driscoll - ? - 10:20-something

36th Annual Johnny Kelley Half Marathon - Hyannis, MA
Brent Schouler - 1st - 1:16:05
Results: http://bit.ly/1Vril6V

Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon - Ottawa, Canada
Chass Armstrong - 28th - 2:39:32
Results: http://bit.ly/1Y0cYfT